Recent Publications

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  • Stansbury, D. E., Naselaris, T., Gallant J. L., (2013). Natural scene statistics account for the representation of scene categories in human visual cortex. Neuron 79(5), 1025-1034.
  • Naselaris, T., Stansbury, D. E., Gallant, J. L., (2012). Cortical representation of animate and inanimate objects in complex natural scenes. Journal of Physiology, Paris 106 (5), 239-249
  • Gallant, J., Naselaris, T., Prenger, R., Kay, K., Stansbury, D. Oliver, M., Vu, A., Nishimoto, S. (2009), Bayesian Reconstruction of Perceptual Experiences from Human Brain Activity. Foundations of Augmented Cognition. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (5368)390-393