About Me

Head Shot
I'm currently a data scientist for EdTech company Quizlet. There, I wear many hats, from product analyst, to data engineer, to recommendation system architect. I love being able to use nerdy things like data and quantitative methods to help students learn.

I received my PhD under the supervision of Jack Gallant at UC Berkeley. There I studied the computational principles that govern sensory and perceptual function in the visual and auditory cortices of the brain. Using statistical and machine learning methods, in conjuction with functional MRI and neurophysiology measurements of the brain in action, I tried to uncover how the brain performs such tasks as object recognition, segmentation, scene perception, and language processing.

When not coding up the next recommendation engine at 8tracks or keeping up with The Clever Machine, I like to play music, run, mountain bike, cook, and hang out with my girlfriend and my dog, named Radical. I grew up near Asheville North Carolina, a rad town nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

Latest Blog Post

I derive the maximum likelihood solution for training Boltzmann machines.

New Software

I've recently put together a little python package implementing stacked generalization for classification tasks.

Recent Talk

Here I discuss decoding information from fMRI brain signals.